For all products sold and delivered on the Toys4sex platform, with the exception of resealed ones, a guarantee is granted according to the legislation in force on the date of the legal operation. For legal entity customers, the warranty period is 12 months from the date of purchase.

In order to benefit from the TOYS4SEX product warranty terms and conditions, customers must take into account that the warranty is offered for a product intended to be used normally, under normal conditions.

Some of the products sold and delivered on the Toys4sex platform are accompanied by warranty certificates issued by the manufacturer or distributor, sent together with the goods. It is mandatory to keep the certificate to be able to benefit from the guarantee, if necessary.

The conditions for granting guarantees may vary depending on the manufacturer, being established in accordance with the commercial policies of each.

If the certificate is issued by the manufacturer of the product, and it breaks down during the warranty period, the repair will be provided by the authorized service network of the manufacturer, in the centers mentioned in the certificate. In this case, the defective product must be sent to one of the service centers mentioned in the certificate, which will take full responsibility for resolving the warranty.

The warranty is applicable to the products only if they are used properly and in accordance with the instructions for use that accompany them and for which they were manufactured.

The guarantee is granted only if the product is accompanied by the purchase invoice/fiscal receipt and, as the case may be, by the completed guarantee certificate.

The warranty applies to: manufacturing/execution defects, material defects, hidden defects, design defects, improper assembly performed by the contractor.

The warranty refers to the product / accessories / subassemblies in the invoice and involves the remedy of all defects that occurred during the warranty period or their replacement. The warranty period will be extended for the duration of the repair.

No warranty is given for: damage caused by incorrect handling, assembly and operation (mechanical and thermal shocks, high degree of dust and humidity, foreign objects penetrated inside the product, liquids, ash, etc., excessive exposure to solar and infrared radiation or strong heat); unauthorized interventions inside the product; defects caused by not following the instructions for use; defects caused by the use of an inappropriate voltage in the network, by impacts, falls, earthquakes, floods, lightning; plastic or rubber parts, casings, accessories, light bulbs, consumables; using the products with other consumables than the original ones offered by the supplier; If, in the event of a failure, it is found that it was due to one of the causes mentioned above, the device loses its warranty.

In case of failure under normal conditions of use during the warranty period, the consumer has the right to request the seller first of all to repair the product or replace it, each time without payment, with the exception of the situation in which the measure is impossible or disproportionate (a measure repair will be considered disproportionate, if: it imposes costs on the seller that are unreasonable compared to the other repair measure, taking into account the value the products would have had if the defect had not existed; the importance of the defect in use; if the other remedial measure could be carried out without significant inconvenience to the consumer; a remedial measure will be considered impossible if the seller cannot provide identical products for replacement or spare parts for repair, including as a result of the lack of related machinery or technology) .

The term for repairing or replacing the products is no more than 15 calendar days, counted from the date on which the buyer handed over the product to the seller or to the person designated by him based on a handover-handover document. The term can be extended with the agreement of both parties.

The buyer is fully responsible for the loss, destruction or any other defect caused by the product, as well as for direct or indirect defects, of any nature, resulting from its improper use or by untrained or unauthorized persons.

The Commercial Guarantee may differ from the Legal Guarantee of Conformity, and the commercial guarantee does not violate the rights of the consumer provided for in the laws mentioned above, nor those regarding hidden defects.

The rights recognized by law to the consumer are not affected by this guarantee policy.


Upon receiving the ordered products - the customer undertakes to check:

conformity of the product received with the one ordered (if it is the same product that you ordered and that appears on the invoice);

the Warranty certificate, with all the details regarding the authorized services that provide repairs during the warranty period

Non-conformity upon delivery of the product must be reported within a maximum of 48 hours from delivery to the telephone number displayed on the website or by email to the address:  admin@toys4sex.ro .


If the purchased product breaks down, the Customer undertakes to:

check if it is within the warranty period, based on the certificate. If he did not receive the warranty certificate, he has the obligation to report this aspect to us.

if the product is in the warranty period, in order to benefit from it, you must write a notification to the email address  admin@toys4sex.ro  and present the proof of payment and, as the case may be, the warranty certificate, specifying the defects/problems found.

the customer will allow access to the product to carry out the findings.

In the event of possible defects, the buyer will be able to file a complaint. Complaints are sent by email to  admin@toys4sex.ro .

Toys4sex will respond to any complaint regarding the products delivered on its platform within no more than 3 working days from its receipt.

In order to resolve the complaint, TOYS4SEX can decide:

rejection of the complaint;

repair of the product at his expense;

granting a discount;

replacing the goods or returning them.

No complaint will be taken into account if the product has been tampered with in any way and/or if the buyer has not carried out the assembly with specialized companies in the field.

The remediation of the claimed non-conformity is done within the term stipulated by the legislation in force.

The warranty period is extended by the period during which the product was under repair. The products offered comply with the prescriptions provided in the normative technical documents in force in Romania.

If a warranty deed is issued for the product and non-conformity is found during the warranty period, remedial measures will be ordered in compliance with OG no. 21/1992, Law no. 449/2003 and other legal provisions in force.