Terms and conditions
  • Definitions
1.1 In this document, the following terms will have, if the context does not indicate otherwise, the meanings specified below:

toys4sex.ro  - represents the commercial company  SC Hooked on yarn SRL , a legal entity of Romanian nationality, with its registered office in  Gentianei street, No. 9-11, Ap 11A , CUI: RO43765295, No. Reg. Com J23/1074/2021

Website –  Represents the website belonging to Hooked on Yarn SRL, located at the address www.toys4sex.ro, through which the User has access to information on the services and products offered by Hooked on yarn SRL.

Service  - e-commerce service conducted exclusively on the publicly available portions of the Site, in the sense of giving the Client the possibility to contract products and/or services using exclusively electronic means, including other means of remote communication (telephone).

Seller – toys4sex.ro

Buyer -   can be any natural person over the age of 18, or a legal entity that creates an Account on the Site and places an order.

Client –  ​​Represents a natural person over the age of 18 who accesses the Site through any means of communication (electronic, telephone), for private or professional purposes and requires the creation of an Account.

User -  Represents a natural person over the age of 18 who accesses the Site through any means of communication (electronic, telephone), for private or professional purposes and who has accepted the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this Site, fulfilling in this sense all the requirements of the process of registration.

Account –  the set consisting of an e-mail address and a password that allow a single User access to restricted areas of the Site through which access to the Service is made.

Favorites -  Allows the Buyer/User to create a list of Products and Services that he wants to follow for a possible purchase.

Cart –  Section of the Account that allows the Buyer/User to add Products or Services that they wish to purchase at the time of addition or at a later time;

Order –  electronic document, generated as a result of a Customer accessing the Website, through which the Customer transmits to Toys4sex.ro with the intention of purchasing Products and Services from the Website.

Products and Services -  any product or service listed on the Site, including the products and services mentioned in the Order, which are to be provided by the Seller to the Buyer as a result of the concluded Contract.

Campaign –  the act of exhibiting for commercial purposes, exclusively electronically and only through the website, a finite number of products with a limited and predefined stock, for a limited period of time established by toys4sex.ro

Content –  ​​represents:
  • all the information on the Site that can be visited, viewed or otherwise accessed by using an electronic device;
  • the content of any e-mail sent to Customers or Users or by a toys4sex.ro employee through any electronic means and/or any other means of communication available;
  • information related to the products, services and/or rates applied by toys4sex.ro in a certain period
  • data related to toys4sex.ro, or other privileged data of it.
Review -  way of expression of the beneficiary or holder of a Product or Service towards a product through written evaluation.

Document -  These Terms and Conditions

Transaction –  the collection or reimbursement of an amount resulting from the sale of a Product and/or Service by toys4sex.ro, to the Buyer, by using the services of the card processor agreed by the Seller, regardless of the method of delivery.

Description –  all descriptions of the Products.
  • Online sales policy
2.1 Access to place an Order is allowed to any User/Buyer.

2.2  All information used to describe the Products and/or Services available on the Site (static/dynamic images/multimedia presentations, etc.) do not represent a contractual obligation on the part of Toys4sex.ro, they are used exclusively with the title of presentation.

2.3  The Promotions/Offers present on the Site are valid for a certain period of time and within the limit of available stock.

2.4  By placing an Order on the Site, the Customer agrees to the form of communication (telephone or e-mail) through which toys4sex.ro conducts its operations on the Site.

2.5  The notification received by the Customer, immediately after the Order is placed, has the role of information and does not represent the confirmation of the Order. This notification is made electronically (e-mail) or by telephone.

2.6  For justified reasons, toys4sex.ro reserves the right to change the quantity of Products and/or Services in the Order. If we change the quantity of Products and/or Services in the Order, we will notify the Customer at the e-mail address or phone number provided to toys4sex.ro when placing the Order and we will return the amount paid.

2.7  Toys4sex.ro does not consider an Order not confirmed by toys4sex.ro as having the value of a Contract.

2.8  The contract enters into force upon confirmation of the Order by toys4sex.ro.

2.9  All rates related to the products or services presented on the site are expressed in RON (RON).

2.10  The invoicing of the purchased products is done exclusively in RON.

2.11  In the case of online payments, toys4sex.ro is not/cannot be held responsible for any other additional costs borne by the Buyer, including but not limited to currency conversion fees applied by the issuing bank of his card, if the currency of its issuance differs from RON. The Buyer is solely responsible for this action.

2.12  The product delivery details, including but not limited to the time required for delivery, do not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of toys4sex.ro, without any party being able to claim damages from the other, in the event that any party may be or is prejudiced in any way following their violation.

The document and information made available by toys4sex.ro on the Site will form the basis of the Contract thus concluded.

The Terms and Conditions of Use can be changed at any time by updating this Site, these changes becoming mandatory and with immediate effect for all Users/Customers
  • Command
3.1  The Client/User can place Orders on the Site by adding the desired Products and/or Services to the shopping cart, then completing the Order, making payment through one of the expressly indicated methods.

3.2. Once added to the shopping cart, a Product and/or Service is available for purchase as long as there is stock available for it. Adding a Product/Service to the shopping cart, without completing the Order, does not entail the registration of the Order, implicitly neither the automatic reservation of the Product/Service.

3.3  By completing the order, the Customer agrees that all the data provided by him, necessary for the purchase process, are correct, complete and true on the date of placing the order, named in this document and the order issued.

3.4  By completing the order, the Customer agrees that toys4sex.ro can contact him by any means available/agreed by toys4sex.ro, in any situation where it is necessary to contact the customer.

3.5  toys4sex.ro can unilaterally cancel the order made by the Customer, following a prior notification addressed to the Customer, without any subsequent obligation of either party to the other or without any party being able to claim damages from the other in the following cases:
  • non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the Client's card, of the transaction, in the case of online payments;
  • invalidation of the transaction by the card processor approved by toys4sex.ro, in the case of online payment;
  • the data provided by the Customer on the website are incomplete or incorrect;
  • the Client's activity on the website can and/or causes damage of any kind, or damages toys4sex.ro and/or its partners in any way;
  • making more than two consecutive failed deliveries;
  • for other objective reasons.
The invoice will be issued based on the data provided by the Customer in the Account creation process, and through the placed Order. toys4sex.ro is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for providing incorrect, incomplete and/or untrue data at the time of creating the Account and at the time of placing the Order by the Client/User

We recommend the Customers/Users to check the data provided to toys4sex.ro based on which the invoice related to the Orders will be issued.
  • Transport
4.1  The delivery of the purchased products/services to the Customer is carried out by means of a fast courier company. The fast courier company processes the personal data of the toys4sex.ro Client, exclusively for the provision of transport services for the products purchased by them from the company's website and only in full compliance with this toys4sex.ro Terms and Conditions document. Also, the third-party partners of the fast courier company, mandated for the fulfillment of transport services, which process personal data of the customers of toys4sex.ro, are required to strictly comply with the terms and conditions of the law regarding the safety of personal data processing and of this document Terms and Conditions toys4sex.ro. In this sense, the fast courier company can contact the customers of toys4sex.ro by any means of communication (e-mail, telephone, SMS) within the limits and for the purpose provided for in this article.

4.2 toys4sex.ro   assumes responsibility for the appropriate packaging of the Products and will ensure the transmission of the accompanying documents in order to deliver the Products.

4.3 toys4sex.ro   delivers Products and provides Services only on the territory of Romania.

4.4  If toys4sex.ro cannot execute the Contract because the Product is not available, toys4sex.ro will inform the Customer about this situation.

4.5  The details of the delivery of the Products/Services, including but not limited to the time required for delivery, do not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of toys4sex.ro, without any party being able to claim damages from the other, in the event that any of the parties can be or is prejudiced in any way as a result of their violation.
  • Transfer of ownership of Products
5.1  Unless it is agreed by toys4sex.ro and a different Customer, the ownership of the Products will be transferred upon delivery, after payment has been made by the Customer at the location indicated in the Order (understood by delivery - the signature of receipt of the transport document provided by Courier)
  • Return
6.1   Products purchased through a remote CONTRACT can be returned in the following situations:

The parcels have severe damage or the products have manufacturing defects.

Parcels that do not match from an aesthetic point of view (with obvious damage) will be refused. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the package will be photographed and a report will be drawn up together with the representative of the courier company specifying the condition of the package.

6.2  The products were delivered or invoiced incorrectly; in case the products are delivered incorrectly (the products are customized with the data of third parties), the CLIENT will notify toys4sex.ro.ro promptly in order to remedy the situation and will follow exactly the instructions communicated by toys4sex.ro.ro (return/destruction of information regarding the respective third parties) not having any right over the respective data/products that do not belong to them.

6.3.  The products have erroneous specifications on the website compared to reality.

6.4. The consumer has the right to unilaterally terminate the distance contract, without penalties and without citing a reason, within 14 working days from the receipt of the product or, in the case of services, from the conclusion of the contract, with the exception of personalized products that cannot  be returned according to Emergency Ordinance 34/2014 of 04.06.2014 article 16 point c. Supply of products made according to the specifications presented by the consumer or clearly personalized.  The only costs that can be borne by the consumer are the direct costs of returning the products according to OG 130/2000 and the changes in GEO 34/2014, for natural persons who purchase products from websites, using remote communication techniques, applying the definitions contained in OG 34/2014 art. 16. Products must be returned as much as possible in their original packaging, but with all accessories and documents and without showing any signs of damage or wear, they must be new, without having been worn or used in any way (washed, impregnated with perfume or room fresheners, etc.), must be complete (together with all its accessories and labels). Damage to the products or putting them in an unsaleable condition leads to the refusal of the return.

6.5.  The CLIENT is obliged to notify toys4sex.ro.ro of his intention to return the purchased products, completing  the return form   within a maximum of 14 working days from receiving the products and/or services and communicating this fact to toys4sex.ro.ro.

In the event that the purchased product has manufacturing defects, it will be replaced with a new product, provided that toys4sex.ro.ro is notified in writing within 14 days of receiving the product. If the replacement is not possible, its value will be returned or another product can be purchased.
  • Intellectual property right
7.1  The information published on toys4sex.ro.ro belongs to the site, therefore, this information cannot be published, transmitted, copied by any method without the prior written consent of the legal representative of the SC hOOKED ON YARN SRL  company . who administers the site. Failure to comply with these conditions is punished according to the law in force. Any copyright infringement can be reported to the email address  comenzi@toys4sex.ro
  • Ownership of files: permissions, responsibility, restrictions
8.1 SC Hooked on yarn SRL  does not claim ownership of the content of the files that the User/Client uploads through our Product Customization Services. The user/client is solely responsible for the files uploaded to the toys4sex.ro website. 

8.2  Using the Product Customization Services, the User/Client guarantees that for each file (images, video, etc.) it has all the necessary permissions, including from copyright and other intellectual property rights holders to distribute, transfer and store and/or make them available as part of the customization services offered by toys4sex.ro.ro

8.3  By uploading the files as part of the customization of the Products, the User/Client undertakes to comply with the following conditions:

The customer agrees not to transfer, distribute or store files that:
  • are obscene, defamatory, libelous, profane, indecent or illegal;
  • contain child pornography;
  • promotes racism, violence or hatred;
  • are false or misleading;
  • violate or appropriate intellectual property rights, confidentiality rights, including personal data protection rights and/or any other type of rights;
  • violates any applicable law or regulation;
  • constitutes "hate speech" regardless of whether it is addressed to an individual or a group and whether it is based on the race, sex, nationality, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or language of such an individual or group;
  • promotes gambling or the sale/use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or illegal drugs.
  • Writing Reviews
9.1  Writing Reviews can be done by Users/Clients/Buyers in the "Reviews" section. The information entered can be both positive and negative and will refer to the characteristics and the way to use a product or service.

9.2  When registering a particular Review, Users/Customers/Buyers grant the Seller a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, territorially unlimited license and give the Seller the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute and display this content .

9.3  When registering a particular Review, the User/Client/Buyer undertakes to comply with the following conditions:
  • To refer only to the ordered products, avoiding information related to aspects that may undergo changes (price or promotional offers);
  • To use appropriate, non-offensive language, without terms that may offend or affect in any way any other User/Client/Buyer;
  • do not violate or appropriate intellectual property rights, privacy rights, including personal data protection rights and/or any other type of rights;
  • not to provide or request, in any way and to any extent, personal data (contact details, information about the delivery or home address, telephone numbers, email addresses, name and/or surname, etc.) or any other information that may cause the disclosure of this personal data;
  • does not violate any applicable law or regulation;
9.4  When a Review is flagged by a User/Client/Buyer as having inappropriate content, from a strictly subjective perspective, this content is carefully examined by the Seller to determine if it violates the Website Terms and Conditions. The texts, photos or videos entered are removed from the Site only after their examination by the Seller.
  • Responsibility
10.1  toys4sex.ro cannot be responsible for damages of any kind that the Customer or any third party may suffer as a result of toys4sex.ro fulfilling any of its obligations according to the Order and for damages resulting from the use of the Products and Services after delivery and especially for their loss.
  • Processing of personal data
11.1  toys4sex.ro processes personal data on the website  www.toys4sex.ro.ro  . The conditions under which personal data are processed can be accessed in the  Privacy Policy , which is part of this Document.
  • Use of cookies
12.1  The cookie policy  is part of this Document. 
  • Applicable law
13.1  Any disputes related to the execution of the contract will be resolved between the Seller and the Customer amicably, otherwise, the parties may address the competent Romanian courts in the City of Bucharest.